Helping patients receive implants : – The doctors facilitate the payment of dental implants. Our practice offers numerous payment options. Our treatment coordinator can help you with financing and insurance, as needed, so you can get the care you need. For more information Click here!

Our dental implant procedure : – The placement of the dental implant is a precise procedure that requires a thorough diagnosis and planning. Doctors use advanced technology to ensure that their treatment with dental implants is efficient, accurate, minimally invasive and comfortable. Click here to view more!

Accurate diagnostics with 3D images

Our Dental Implant Services : – Our 3D conical beam computerized tomography creates a 3D image of your jaw, teeth, and gums that can be viewed from any angle. We start with a thorough diagnosis so that your treatment with implants can be planned with precision. We use our 3D conical beam tomography to produce a 360 ° composite 3D radiograph of the jaw, teeth and related structures. The images can be viewed from any angle and the sections can be enlarged to be inspected in more detail.

The doctors use the images to analyze what will be the best position of the implant. They will observe the amount of bone that is available in the place where the implant will place. They will also observe the condition of the tissue of your gums and the location of some important anatomical structures that surround the implant site. With this data the doctors will determine the way in which the implant can be placed in a safe and stable way, and if a bone graft will be needed. The doctors will also review your medical and dental history, and take other digital photographs necessary to help with the planning.

Surgical guides to place the implants in a precise way : – Our Dental Implant Services : The doctors plan the position of the exact placement of the implant with the 3D images and a special computer program for implant planning. Using the information and the virtual reconstruction of the software, they make a computer-generated surgical guide. The surgical guide is a template that is placed over the dental arch with an access hole corresponding to the exact location, position, and angle to place the implant. They place the implant through the guide through a fast, precise and minimally invasive procedure.

Easy and comfortable extractions : – When it is necessary to remove a tooth before placing an implant, the doctors will use a special instrument to delicately separate the tooth from the socket and extract it vertically. Vertical extraction causes little or no damage to the gum and surrounding tissue bone, the swelling is minimized and the healing time is also greatly reduced. Want to know more, Click here!

Bone graft with state-of-the-art technology : – Where the bone present is inadequate to provide correct support for an implant, doctors will graft bone material into the implantation site to regenerate the necessary bone. They always use the latest materials and bone graft procedures for minimally invasive bone regeneration.

Growth proteins to accelerate healing and increase predictability : – When necessary, doctors will add special growth proteins at the site of tissue surgery. These proteins accelerate healing, prevent infection, reduce inflammation and help ensure the success of the procedure.

Temporary and immediate teeth on the same day : – If we place the implant in a visible place of your smile, you will receive a provisional restoration tooth so that your smile can shine during the healing phase of the implant. The doctors will also provide you with a temporary denture after placing the implants for a new denture supported on implants.

Your final restorations will be placed after your implants have healed.