Creepiest Movies to Watch That Are Based On Real Life

Creepy movies are fun to watch – that is true. But what will you do if that would have happened to you in reality? Well, the list of movies we are presenting here are creepy and are based on reality. Take a look –• The Exorcist (1973) – This movie revolves around an actress who experiences changes in her 12-year old daughter. Also on the other side a young priest begins to doubt his faith while dealing with his mother’s sickness. This movie is said to be one of the best ever horror film made. It is said to be based on the book written on the real life story of a boy named Roland Doe who was possessed in the year 1949. The exorcism is said to be so scary that there have been many books written by people who actually witnessed it. This movie is a real Goosebumps material!






• The Conjuring (2013) – This movie is about is about a couple who find their pet dog in mysterious circumstances and when they bring it back, they experience as spirit which starts bothering their daughter and brings in a investigator to drive the spirit out. The movie was made by Ed and Lorraine Warren who are real life paranormal investigators and claim that this case was one of the most difficult cases to solve in their lifetime. It is said that they experienced a lot of uneasiness and had many hurdles while shooting for the movie too.






• The Strangers (2008) – This movie is about a couple who go on a holiday to a remote place to spend some quality time. But a knock on their door changes their lives. This movie is said to be based on serial killer Charles Mansion and the series of events that took place near his childhood home. This is the perfect movie of psychopath which grips us on till the very end.
The list here is small but you should be definitely watching these movies first. Good luck!

Important things to learn from bread machine manual

Sometime you may find yourself with the bread machine but without bread machine manual. You may have bought it from the yard sales; someone gave it to you or you lost the original manual of your bread maker. If there is no manual in case of a need, then it will be hard to have the item up and running once again.

Machines with their parts

Every bread machine has three basic parts, the machine on its own, and if you look at the machine, regardless of the brand, you will be able to find two things. They are window on a hinged lid which may be shut or lifted up. Near the lid, there will be control panel with some few buttons and the number of the buttons will depend on the model.

When you open the lid, you should find the bread bucket or bread pan. It is in a rectangular or square shaped. There will be a handle with it and it can be folded down to close the lid completely. A bread bucket will work as a mixing bowl or and as baking pan. At a center of a bread bucket, there is a kneading blade or a bread paddle. This is the place responsible in mixing and kneading of dough. If the dough is baking, it will bake around kneading blade. You will need to remove a blade at a bottom after finishing baking.

You need to have the three parts in one order in case you want to make the bread, the machine, the bread bucket with the kneading blade. When any part is not available, then you have to replace it.

To know the capacity of the bread bucket, you should put it in the sink and fill it using water. You can then pour water in the bread bucket. You have to learn how many cups that will fill bucket. If the bucket is able to hold 10 cups, you will be able to make 101/2 pounds of the breads or loaves. If the bread bucket is able to hold 12 cups, then it can make 2 pounds.

Control panels with settings

Make sure that you understand buttons found on the display screen at the control panel. You can choose select buttons with start or stop button, go to arrow buttons, Timer and crust color. When you unplug the machine to set it once again, then all the settings will be at the default options.

You have to learn about stop with start button and then go to select buttons. The basic controls are used to set Dough, Rapid, Sweet, French and whole wheat. If you want to set the machines to the settings you want, then you have to press a select button long enough until it get to the cycle that you want.

Crust setting

When you read bread machine manual of some machines, you will find out that some machines do not have this option. The machines that have it, then you can use 3 settings, default, light and dark.